Deploy web app coded on django & react


Is there any way I can link the static website deployment (used for the frontend coded in React) and the web service ( backend coded in django).
I have two separate servers deployed on render - but im not sure how to link them

Any tutorial or articles would be helpful.


Hi there,

If the backend is an API, the frontend just needs to call the API’s endpoints, with the base URL being what Render provides on the backend service. e.g.

GET {backend_render_url}/users

Hope that helps!


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What about deploying backend api on the same domain as the front-end?
Without that, I got a problem with passing cookies…

You can set the domain to send cookies to with domain={} when setting the cookie.

For example, my frontend is on www.{domain}.com and the api is on api.{domain}.com. Setting the cookie domain to {domain}.com will ensure the cookie is sent to each subdomain under {domain}.com including the api.

Alternatively you should be able to just use the onrender domain provided as the cookie domain.

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Thanks a lot. I will try this.

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