Deploy Ruby Sinatra, what to put in main.rb?

Hello, I am attempting to deploy my ruby back-end but I’m not sure what to populate in my main.rb file. I was getting a deploy error :
Oct 5 08:38:29 AM ==> Starting service with ‘bundle exec ruby main.rb’
Oct 5 08:38:30 AM /usr/local/bin/ruby: No such file or directory – main.rb (LoadError)
So I created the main.rb file but I’m not what to include to ensure it references the rest of my application. Most of what is written is in an app/models or app/controller/application_controller.
I’ve looked at the example as well so it seems I probably need to require sidekiq, sinatra, redis etc. I’m just not sure how to structure it and can’t seem to find a walk-through for that one!

Hi there,

What you’d put in main.rb to run on us wouldn’t be any different to what you need locally for your app to run. There’s nothing special about how we run your code that’s specific to Render here.

When you’ve got it all working locally you then need to make sure that when it runs in production mode that it still works - as that is what service providers like us will be doing.


John B

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