Deploy FastAPI or Flask backend with Svelte Frontend

I would like to deploy an app with a Python backend and a Svelte Frontend. This seems to require two services: one web service for BE and one static site for FE. I am able to deploy these services by (a) manually creating them in the dashboard, or if (b) I use a render.yaml instead for a Monorepo. In both cases, the services build is successful and the services are deployed. Great!

But also in both cases, when I visit the backend URL, I only get the default page from the FastAPI backend. (something like “Hello world”) If I visit the FE url, I get “Not Found” error. Instead, I expect that the Svelte frontend would show up, similar to how it works locally. It seems that the services are not talking to each other. What else needs to be done to get them to interact?

Hey Derek,

I took care of the support ticket you opened with us. I’ll close this topic to avoid any duplicated conversation.

Render Support, UTC+3