DEPLOID FAILED Cuando intento subir a render el deploid, siempre me tira error

Hola, alguien podria ayudarme a identificar el error?
Hace días estoy intentando encontrar la solución a este problema, estoy usando Netbeans 17 y al hacer el deploid en render, el mismo tarda unos 10 o 15 minutos y al final me muestra un mensaje de Timed out
El último error me decia que no encontraba la carpeta TARGET, ya la agregue a GitHub, y ahora me muestra el error Timed out y cuando entro en el enlace que continua al "Deploy failed for … " me aparece lo siguiente
2 target/*
3 !target/*.jar
4 !.mvn/wrapper/maven-wrapper.jar
5 !/src/main//target/
6 !/src/test//target/
las lineas 2 y 3 me aparecen en color rojo, pero no hay ni un mensaje diciendo cual es el error

Hi there,

I’m sorry, we are generally only able to provide support for issues written in English, if possible, can you please reply in English to make sure we are able to understand the situation?

That said, I looked at the GitHub repo attached to your application, and it doesn’t look right. Firstly you have checked the already built application into GitHub. You wouldn’t normally do this. You would commit the src and pom.xml files and have the Render docker build process build the jars. A Dockerfile something like:

FROM maven:3.9-eclipse-temurin-17-focal AS build_stepRUN mkdir /buildCOPY . /buildWORKDIR /buildRUN mvn clean package -DskipTestsFROM eclipse-temurin:17-jdk-focalRUN mkdir /appCOPY --from=build_step /build/target/my-example-app.jar \ /app/WORKDIR /appCMD java -jar /app/my-example-app.jar

I hope this helps.


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Sorry, I’m new to this world of programming and Render, Ok. Here goes the previous message in English. And thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.

Hello, can someone help me identify the error?
For days I have been trying to find the solution to this problem, I am using Netbeans 17 and when I do the droploid in render, it takes about 10 or 15 minutes and at the end it shows me a Timed out message. The last error told me that I did not find
the TARGET folder, I already added it to GitHub, and now it shows me the Timed out error and when I enter the link that continues to “Deploy fail for…” I get the following 1 2 target/* 3 !
*. jar
4 !.mvn/wrapper/maven-wrapper.jar
5 ! /source/main/ /target/
6 ! /source/test/ /target/
lines 2 and 3 appear in red, but there is not a message saying what the error is

Hi! I’ve gotten the same error, and simply changed the directory to “main” or “root”, don’t remember exactly, when you select the github repo… May be that works for you.

Hi there,

It looks like your service is live now.


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