Connect pgadmin/Tableplus with Pull Request Preview's database


While developing my app, I use Tableplus to connect to my database. I can see my local database and my production database. But on, if I need to connect to a Preview environements instance to check all is in order or to debug, how can I do this?
Where are the infos i need to connect to a Request Preview’s DB (port, host…)?

Hi there,

Pull request previews don’t provision databases, they only provision static and webservices. Youl would need to be using Preview Environments to provision all the services you have defined in your render.yaml.

John B

Sorry used the worng words, you’re right it’s for preview environements: i edited my question. Same question though.

Yeah, we didn’t do ourselves any favours when we named product features.

From the Blueprints tab locate the blueprint instance for the PR and click on it, you should see the resources that were provisioned - one would be the database and from that you can get the connection string for the database.

John B

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