Compilation error: /bin/sh: 1: javac: not found

Compilation error: /bin/sh: 1: javac: not found
I get this error when I try to compile my Java code that is written on the client side. I compile that code on the server side. Every other language works but only Java doesn’t.
I think this might be a silly problem but as I’m new to render I don’t know how to resolve this.
Do I need to set any environment variable(even how to set it) or what I don’t know?


Java isn’t available on Render Native Runtimes. If your project requires Java you’ll need to use Docker.


Thanks for replying.
is there any other options to solve this issue?

Not really. If you need Java, the easiest way to have that available is to set up your own environment in Docker. Then deploy with Docker runtime.


yaa,got it.
Thank you.

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