Change github repo for existing service

Hey there–is it possible to change the connected github repo for an existing service? I know that I can create a new service, but trying to minimize the chance of an error from an accidental configuration change, etc. (In this case it is not even truly a different github repo–but I had to change my github username which seems to have broken the connections between render and my repos.



Hi @mayefsky, I’ve reached out in a private message to get more details.


I have basically the same question. Are you able to advise? As an overview…

We have a number of services running which are linked to repos in my private Github account. I have recently migrated the repos to a Github organization and need to re-point all the render services at the Github organization. Can you advise on how to do this while minimizing risk / downtime?

Please let me know if I should open a separate topic.

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Rob, let’s continue this in direct messaging.

Hi dan, Can you help me out too.
I launch a service with a public rep. now I want to switch to my private repo. how can I do that?

Or how can I launch a new service with the old database?

Hi @tom_li, I’ll be happy to help you out. It’s easier to launch a new service with the old database. All of the services and databases deployed by the same user or team are created within a private network. You can connect from the new service to the old database within this private network. When you establish a connection, use the internal connection string listed in the Render dashboard along with the database.

Was the public repo using infrastructure as code? If so, you’ll want to Disconnect YAML so the old service and database are no longer managed by the render.yaml file in the public repo.

Hi david

how do I switch the old database to the new service. I cannot modify the internal connection string at the database

You can’t modify the database’s internal connection string, but if I’m understanding your setup correctly, you can supply the new service with that same connection string for the old database.

Where would I do that david?

at service or database?

Hello! You should do that at your service. You shouldn’t need to make changes to your database.

just the database_url right? or something also?

That’s likely to be what you need to change, yes. I can’t guarantee it’s the only thing, though, as I’m not sure how your service is configured.

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Is there still no way of updating a repo than via a private message here? So far after 24 hours my PM has gone unanswered.

My service is running in production using custom domain names plus SSL etc. I’m not really happy with creating a new service simply to change the repo as a solution as it is bound to lead to downtime.

Sorry about that @jp123. I have replied to your DM to start the transfer.

Thanks, will respond there

Hello, I also have recently migrated a clients project off of our GitHub organization and on to theirs. I need to be able to deploy updates to the existing services. These services are in production so I need to make sure that nothing will go down or no data will be lost. What is the best way to go about updating a repo on a current render service?


@Brayden Can you open a ticket to with the service details so that we can assist you with this?

Ok I have sent a request to the support email.