Certificate Pending while Adding Custom Domain

I deployed my website on render and added a custom domain from namecheap. It was working fine. The newly added domain became live even in minutes. Then, I deleted this Web Services from render. Then, I redeployed this website on render and added the same custom domain on render from namecheap. But now, it is stuck in “Certificate Pending” as compared to the first time I added the domain. Tell me how to fix this issue.

Hi there,

As this is a service-specific question - it’s best suited to be submitted via email/dashboard (as you already have done). There is no need to post here as well,


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

Just to add a follow up here.

Our certificate provider, LetsEncrypt has strong rate limits for certificate issuance (Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt), so removing/adding domains or deleting services and adding the same domain can result in that rate limit being hit. When hit, the domain is stuck as ‘Certificate Pending’ until that rate limit expires.

Once in this state, the only way to resolve is to contact us directly and we can change the certificate provider.

I hope that helps