Can't create a web service - name already taken

Hi (-:

When trying to create a web service, I get an error about “name already” taken. It happens for every name I enter:

Hi @yaron,

I checked our logs and it looks like the actual error is because the git repository on the branch you are trying to deploy is empty. Can you confirm that there’s a commit on the branch you are trying to deploy?

It looks like what’s happening here is you’re getting that error when initially trying to create the service, but ends up creating it despite the error. Then on the next attempt to create the service, you are getting the Name in use error because the service was technically created, even though it doesn’t show a confirmation in your current screen, but the service is there when you go back to the dashboard. I can see how this is confusing, and I’ll be following up internally around improving the error messaging in this flow.