Cannot load security credentials for AWS SDK

Hi there

I’m trying to use an AWS SDK from a node.js server but I their SDK is expecting security credentials to be located in a specific directory (~/.aws/credentials for mac env for example)
Loading credentials in Node.js from the shared credentials file - AWS SDK for JavaScript . I can’t find an option for loading these variables directly with their SDKs either.

From what I can see in the Render dashboard, I can only load env variables directly to the environment or place secret files that will be located at the repo root or /etc/secrets/<filename> Neither of these options work unfortunately.

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious.


yes - I did miss something obvious. All sorted!
I got this from their java documentation regarding setting env variables directly Working with AWS Credentials - AWS SDK for Java

**Environment variables** -AWS_ACCESS_KEY_IDandAWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY . The AWS SDK for Java uses the [EnvironmentVariableCredentialsProvider]( class to load these credentials.

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