Cannot link GitHub account because it already exists

I’m wondering what’s the best work around to the following scenario.

I have two render accounts: personal and work. On my work account, I created a team, and this is where one of our applications live. My work account is linked with my GitHub account so that I could give render access to the GitHub repo for our project, which lives in a private GitHub organization. The problem is that I cannot link my personal render account with GitHub now, because it’s already in use on that other work specific account / team.

As of December it wasn’t possible to link a GitHub account to 2 different Render accounts (Unable to have two Render accounts attached to the same GitHub account). There’s a link in that thread to feature request to upvote it.

As the link @John_Beynon provided, it’s not currently possible to connect two Render accounts to the same GitHub account. We encourage you to upvote this feature so we can prioritize it. Thank you.