Can I use docker-compose

Hey Render Team,

I’m trying to deploy this to Render.

But get an error: exit status 1. Please advise.


Hi @montekaka, we don’t support docker-compose out of the box yet, but can help you translate it to render.yaml. The repo you linked to doesn’t seem to be public. Mind sharing your docker-compose.yaml?

Hi @anurag I changed the repo to public. Can you try again? thanks :smiley:

here is the Can you help me translate it to render.yml?


Hi montekaka,

I’m curious about the purpose of using fluentd in this case ? Are you using it to send logs to some log sink ?

Hi Team, any ETA for docker-compose support? Thanks!

I’m using Digital Ocean Spaces and I want to track the download count, so that I setup a reverse proxy with Nginx to do it. I use Fluentd to send the logfile back to my rails server to save it to our database.

We don’t expect to support docker-compose.yml in the near future, but you can upvote it here:

I would really appreciate support for docker-compose, seems a no-brainer to me.