Brotli compression not enabled for .pck file

Hello, I have a .pck file that is around 31MB in size that I wish to serve as a static file via express.

However, it seems that render doesn’t compress the file and transfers the entire 31MB. When I checked for files like .wasm or .png, “content encoding: br” was present.

May I ask how I can compress my .pck file?

Hi there,

Render relies on Cloudflare to compress files via Brotli. Here’s a page that lists out what will be included in that automatic compression.

Based on this list, custom files like “pck” will not be included in that automatic compression. That being the case, if you want it compressed it is something you will need to do in your application’s code before returning it to the requester.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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