Blank page with Phoenix and Docker deployment

Hi :wave:

I’m trying to deploy a Phoenix umbrella app with Docker but I run into some issues.

The docker image is correctly being built, but when Docker runs:
CMD ["bin/displays_umbrella", "start"]) to start the server.

It fails and there’s a blank page if I try to access the server (

There isn’t much log and I’m pretty lost on where the issue would be.

From the deploy logs:

From the logs tab:

Have got you any thoughts on that?

Thank you :pray:

Hello! Without knowing the inner workings of your app, it’s hard to tell exactly what the issue might be. There’s some spots we can debug, though:

  1. Does your service work as expected when running locally?
  2. We don’t mark deploys live until they pass a health check. You might want to try adding a specific health check path where you expect the service to serve a 200 to make sure this isn’t the issue.
  3. Is it possible for you to add more debug logging to your service?