Best practices to run multiple process in a web service

I may have missed the documentation about this, but I’d like to know how can I run multiple process in parralel, in a web service?

Can I run multiple commands using && in the single start command?
I know it’s not expected to work like that, but sometimes I just want to avoid creating another web service, to make some savings.


Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out.

The Build Command can essentially be thought of as a bash prompt, you can run whatever shell commands are required to setup your project.

command && command will work just fine, or if the commands are not dependent on the previous succeeding, command; command; would also work. You mention running “multiple process in parallel”, however both these techniques would run the commands sequentially.

If you’re needing to do a lot of build setup it’s often tidier to create a shell script in your project (e.g. and define that as your Build Command ./

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I was specifically talking about the start command, not the build one. Does your answer is still valid in that case?

Let’s say I want to run a Django server + a Celery worker in that same start command, is it ok
(assuming we’re ok with this pretty bad practice generally speaking)?

Apologies, my mistake, I went down the “build command” route when you said “start” :person_facepalming:

Yes, you can certainly start multiple processes on a service if you wanted, but as you noted it wouldn’t be particularly good practice.

Single ampersands & in bash run commands in the background so that may be one approach to start multiple services, e.g. command & command. Or if there’s a Python equivalent to Foreman/Forego that parses Procfiles maybe that could be another solution.


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