Best practices to access private service from static website?


So I have a static website that i would like to give access to one of my private services. Right now I could fix this by changing the static website to be a public service that has access to the private service but I wonder if there are any recommender practices or layouts about that here.



Static Sites have no running “backend” so the only they are able to make calls are via client-side JS calls. As those calls are coming from the client, they would need to be on a publicly accessible domain.

A Static Site could maybe make calls to a Private Service at build time if that has content to be generated into static files, but once a Static Site is built it wouldn’t be able to communicate directly with a Private Service. You’d either need to deploy it as a Web Service, or deploy a Web Service that can make the required calls to the Private Service on the server-side and expose them publicly.


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