Begginer problem - gunicorn.errors.AppImportError: Failed to find attribute 'app' in 'BShop'

Hello, Im trying to run my flask app on renderer. I have used visual studio template for my project.
Right now I have problem that is same as my topic. gunicorn.errors.AppImportError: Failed to find attribute ‘app’ in ‘BShop’.
Im not sure how to set up run command.
This is path to file that contains app variable: master/BShop/BShop/
Im kinda new to python, thanks in advance for helping/guiding me what to do.

I have been trying to do something like: gunicorn BShop:app but it does not work.


Could you share more specifics about the issue, what you’ve attempted, and so on? This is too little to help understand what is happening here. While our assistance with code-related issues is somewhat limited, I’m willing to help a little bit if you can offer a deeper insight into the problem you’re encountering.

Render Support, UTC+3

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