Auth0 Redirect Not Working with Deployed Site (React)

On my landing page, there is a login button that is supposed to redirect to Auth0’s /authorize endpoint and allow the user to log in before redirecting to However, after clicking the button, Auth0 screen never appears, and I am instantly redirected to a variation of the path: I have added a redirect of /* to index.html so it is no longer showing “Not Found” on the page, but I still never see the Auth0 login screen and instead my page is completely blank, at the same url. Here is the status of the event: Request URL:
Request Method:
Status Code:
Remote Address:
Referrer Policy:
Furthermore, I have made sure to configure my Auth0 allowed callbacks correctly and have adjusted them as needed in my code. However, I am still not entirely sure if this is a Render, Auth0, or React issue.

Hi Manny,

We’ll address this in the Support Ticket you opened.



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