Add Health checks to Private and Workers

I want to have Helath checks on my internal brokers. Not all my servcies are reachable by the internet and this are either Private instances or Workers.

But some of those would need a health check mechanism. It would be really cool to have that in the same way Webservices have it.

I can imagine that it should be able to work, to call on it hostname+port an url to check of the server responds. Sometimes a ping can be enough!

Hi there,

Private services do have TCP health checks (The same as web services if you don’t use a health check path. Adding the health check path to web services changes the check to use HTTP). If we cannot make a TCP connection to your service, we will mark it as unhealthy and restart the service.

For background workers, because they usually don’t listen on port, we don’t perform health checks on them. If you were to add a server of some sort to your worker and deploy it as a private service, then the health checks would run for these services.


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