A dump question, how to reboot a server on render?

So far, I can only redeploy to reboot, which takes too much time. I searched but I didn’t find a reboot button anywhere.

Could someone help point me if there is one?


Hi @qevan, there’s no reboot button, but if you go into the Shell for your service you can kill the main server process. Render will automatically detect that your service has failed and will re-run your start command to get your server running again. Let me know if you have additional questions on how this would work.

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Oh. cool. let me give it try.

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it works. It might be good to have an official button :slight_smile:


for docker deployment, how to reboot? I cannot use ps or docker in shell.

Hi @qevan ,

The kill or killall commands should work inside the shell. If you’d like to totally restart the environment, you can log in to the Render Dashboard, go to your service, and click the “Manual Deploy” button.

manual deploy is time comsuing!