Using Uppy to upload Dropbox videos to the node/express server doesnt work with more than 1 instance

i have a simple server set up, with Uppy configured with Companion and the correct keys to enable dropbox, I can access dropbox and select my file, but if I’m running more than 1 server instance, the upload doesn’t go through

uppy docs state this
configure Companion like this:

server: {
        oauthDomain: <master domain (e.g to handle your oauth>,
        validHosts: <a list of valid domains running your Companion instances. The list may also contain regex patterns. e.g ['', '(\\w+)']>

given that my website is called running a web service and everything else on default, what would be the appropriate strings or lists to add in those fields?

Hi there,
I’m not familiar with Uppy. When you scale to multiple instances they are all accessible via the same address - when a request arrives it is routed to any of the instances backing the service so not something that you can target directly.

It could be that Uppy is expecting a session to be sticky so if it is just a single instance it’s fine but if you have 2 instances, either of those instances can respond so if the first instance responded first to some kind of handshake request and then the second request goes to the other instance then it fails. But this is something specific to Uppy - note, we don’t support sticky sessions either.


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