Uploading web service

Hey guys, I’m new to this site and i’m trying to upload my proyect from GitHub. Everything seems to be working except for the “Start Command” and it seems I’m a little bit lost here. Whenever I run the website offline on Visual Studio, I go ahead and run the “app.py” using the Flask option. In the Start Command field, I’m putting ./app.py there and is giving me error 127.

I’m fairly new to web-development and any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

I don’t use much flask, but i would try this:

  1. in Visual studio, open the terminal (? i don’t know where) and try to run flask --app app run – I got this from the flask quickstart docs.
  2. if that works, That is the correct way of starting your flask app… use that as your start command, OR:
  3. put it in a bash file, and call that bash file as your start command. this will allow you to change it easier in the future, so you have a single point of entrance where you can set up things before you run your app.

for instance, you could have start.sh file like this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -o errexit

flask --app app run

(In linux, i would also have to set the “execute” permission: chmod +x start.sh )

best of luck! welcome to the journey!

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