Tzdata configuration issues

I am presently stuck trying to deploy my app. Cause of this error:

* (ArgumentError) errors were found at the given arguments:
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM  
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM    * 1st argument: the table identifier does not refer to an existing ETS table
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM  
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      (stdlib 3.15.2) :ets.lookup(:tzdata_current_release, :release_version)
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      lib/tzdata/release_reader.ex:74: Tzdata.ReleaseReader.current_release_from_table/0
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      lib/tzdata/release_reader.ex:17: Tzdata.ReleaseReader.simple_lookup/1
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      lib/tzdata/release_reader.ex:9: Tzdata.ReleaseReader.zone_and_link_list/0
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      lib/tzdata.ex:61: Tzdata.zone_exists?/1
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      lib/timezone/database.ex:36: Timex.Timezone.Database.time_zone_periods_from_wall_datetime/2
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      (elixir 1.12.2) lib/calendar/datetime.ex:623: DateTime.shift_zone_for_iso_days_utc/5
Dec 5 10:30:29 PM      (elixir 1.12.2) lib/calendar/datetime.ex:1384: DateTime.add/4

I would appreciate some help here

Hi @newletorr, do you happen to have tzdata added to your dependencies in your mix.exs file?

No, I think it came bundled with Timex and I do have Timex @tyler

Hi @newletorr, I did some digging around for issues related to Timex and I found this Does your configuration happen look similar to this?