Transfer Services to my team

I just set up a bunch of services and realize the way to properly do a team is to make a team and make the services there. I realize I can share the services with people individually, but I want them all under the team.

Please tell me there is a way to transfer those services over to my team. I set up all the custom domains and everything. It will be such a headache to create those services all over again under my team.

If I have to deploy under new services in my team, will I get billed for setting those all up? I have about 5 that I would duplicate and then shut down once they are duplicated. Will I pay for 10 or 5 for this month?

You can create a team in Render and click Transfer Services to transfer all services and databases from your owned account to the newly created team.

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I forgot to mention that all services in Render are billed and prorated by the second. Therefore if you launch new services and shutdown original services right away, your bill will not be doubled, but only a few extra depends on how long both services co-exist.

Is there a way to transfer some but not all of the services on my personal account to a team? Also, is there a way to have limited access within a team (e.g. not all team members might not have access to database data)

Hi @dhanus, unfortunately we don’t have built-in support for transferring individual services or limiting access within a team. If you DM me with the names of the services you’d like to transfer I should be able to transfer them manually for you.

I encourage you to upvote these feature requests on our feedback page if you’d like to see us prioritize these features:

@Hao-Ji_Wu I just tried this feature but after clicking on “Transfer Services and Create Team” nothing happens (no error message either).

For posterity, @christianstrang’s issue was due to an incident that has now been resolved: Render Status - Errors transferring services into new teams

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