Svelte + Tailwind not purging CSS

Hello. I ran into an issue where a svelte application wasn’t purging css from tailwind after running the build command. I wasn’t able to pinpoint the problem so I’ve moved the app from render temporarily but I’d really like to move it back. The render.yaml file was configured like this:

  - type: web
    name: finance
    env: node
    buildCommand: sapper build && sapper export
    staticPublishPath: ./__sapper__/export
    pullRequestPreviewsEnabled: true
    autoDeploy: true
      - key: NODE_VERSION
        value: '15.3.0'

The global.css file generated is 13mb but when built for production it should roughly be 43kb. Is it possible to point out what I may be doing wrong here in the render.yaml file or would it be okay to through up a similar repo to find out what’s happening during build? Thank you.