Subdirectory with Ghost and Cloudflare

Can someone provide documentation for setting up a proxy with Ghost and Cloudflare? My marketplace website lives at the root and my blog is currently a subdomain. I want to use a Cloudflare proxy to move the Ghost blog to /blog instead of blog. Following the Cloudflare documentation for setting up a proxy worker does not achieve the desired result. Any clarity on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


It took about 36 hours, (extremely difficult), but the key was to fully proxy Cloudflare for certs. This is contrary to Render docs for Cloudflare integration and existing docs for Ghost proxies, but the DNS flow required it. Both the Ghost blog and main marketplace are on Render, but Cloudflare holds the certs. So trying to set it up with DNS-only settings is not feasible. Switching to full-proxy on Cloudflare fixed everything.

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Glad to hear you were able to find a solution to your issue and thanks for sharing it with the community.

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