Some irritations with logging in

When I visit, I am tossed back to the login page far more frequently than I expect (sometimes multiple times per day). I am the sole user of this desktop computer. Is there any option to allow for longer sessions?

Related but perhaps separate: if I’ve followed a link (say, to a preview environment), then once I re-authenticate I end up on the main dashboard page. I would expect to end up on the link I originally clicked.

Third: when I log back in, I am sent to my (completely inactive) personal account. The first thing I do every time is re-select my team account. Can which team I should have selected be remembered?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your feedback here! Currently, our dashboard sessions last 24 hours. We don’t offer a way to modify this at the moment.

I think you bring up some great points that would definitely improve the usability of the dashboard. I would encourage you to also capture this feedback on our feature request board:, this way we can gauge interest and prioritize them accordingly.

I looked to see if there were any existing requests that mention your feedback. There weren’t many, however, I did find this one that was similar to your point about being able to have your team selection remembered.

Thanks Jade! I didn’t spot the distinction between feedback and community, I have added this there.

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