Running Cron Job for Web Apps?

Is it somehow possible to run cron jobs for a web app? The use case is that I’m having a web app, that should regularly download new data from an S3 bucket.

In Heroku there’s the “Scheduler Add-on” that allows this kind of process. So far I’ve only found “standalone” cron jobs for Render which do not run inside my web app.


Sorry for the delayed response. We don’t have a way to accomplish that right now, the closest stand-in would probably be to have an endpoint on your service that triggers the service to fetch the data, and then hitting that endpoint with a Cronjob. It sounds like the features that would get what you’re trying for are:

  1. Disk for cronjobs, and
  2. Attach disks to more than 1 service.

Note that Heroku Scheduler cron jobs do not “run inside my web app” they spin up a separate instance of your app for runing your cron job, which they should given that cron jobs should not be given the opportunity to tank your web process. Render just makes this explicit and IMO much easier to manage.

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