Render build fails after forking l6-end

After forking Real-World_Vue-3 from the Vue Mastery repository (l6-end), my render build fails when trying to deploy. However, I am able to run yarn build if I clone that repository to local Mac successfully. I have no idea what the problem might be.

Dec 29 12:28:05 PM ==> Cloning from
Dec 29 12:28:06 PM ==> Checking out commit 8f1720ac0173e08ae3b8c31630238db9be46b0a7 in branch master
Dec 29 12:28:07 PM ==> Downloading cache…
Dec 29 12:28:13 PM ==> Running build command ‘yarn build’…
Dec 29 12:28:13 PM yarn run v1.22.5
Dec 29 12:28:13 PM $ vue-cli-service build
Dec 29 12:28:13 PM /bin/sh: 1: vue-cli-service: not found
Dec 29 12:28:13 PM error Command failed with exit code 127.
Dec 29 12:28:13 PM info Visit for documentation about this command.
Dec 29 12:28:13 PM ==> Build failed :disappointed:

The Real World Vue 3 example project is meant to be deployed as a Static Site on Render. It looks as though you’ve created it as a Web Service. Unless you want to do server-side rendering (see, I’d recommend that you recreate the project as a Static Site. This is one of the options that appears in the New + dropdown in the Render dashboard.

I thought I had deployed it as a static site, but must have selected Web Service button somehow. I deleted the failing version, recreated the app, and then it deployed successfully. I appreciate the quick response. Thank you. :grinning:

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