Quiet preview environment MR comments

On GitLab, using preview environments to deploy off of every commit on an MR, I’m getting a lot of comments. If there’s some way to turn down or off the comments, but keep using preview environments, please let me know. I have 3 services connected (static site, api service, test thing), so that’s 6 comments on each push. It’s getting in the way of MR reviews. If I’m feature requesting, I’d love (in order of preference):

  1. do status updates (like GitHub), but maybe that’s a ways off
  2. when a new deploy comment comes in, delete any old comments (from the same service)
  3. allow turning off the comments (the slack integration duplicates the announcement anyway)
  4. allow changing the commenter (I could make a dummy that can’t comment on MRs)

Hi @zlotnika, welcome to the Render community!

Thanks for your feedback! At this time, we don’t have the ability to disable/manage these comments in a more granular way. I can definitely see how this feature would be very useful for your scenario and keeping your MRs clean. I would encourage you to add your feedback to our feature request board so that it can be considered for future product iterations.