PostgreSQL db + problem in email part

Hey friends, I deployed a flask application with SQLAlchemy database. I have checked my application before deploy, all things were correct and data stored in my database.
I tested with pytest, ngrok, CI/CD, … It means that there is not any error.
I Deployed successfully my application in, but there is a strange problem.

  1. first when somebody send me email in my web both sender and receiver email is my email. It means that it doesn’t show me the sender email (Please consider before deploy, I tested it many times and it worked correctly). Did you have this problem before?

  2. No data is stored in my db!! before deploy I checked it many times and my db worked correctly. But now when somebody send me data, the data is not saved in my db and I just can see previous data before deploy.

This will most definitely be an application issue and not anything to do with the platform you are deploying on.

Things I would check:

  • Add debug output for the sender/receiver email - are they filling in a form or such like? and inspect the logs
  • Are you connecting to the correct database?


John B

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