Ping shows not reachable

I want to create a loop to automatically make push into the repository, but how do I et permission for that?

you have not quite provided enough information, (are you using node or python for instance)
but i do have some js code that does exactly this. one key aspect of using git is knowing about known_hosts and public keys. you will have to make 2 secrets from your render dashboard, one called known_hosts and the other id_ed25519. when you run your git push you will have to pass these hints to git using

-c "core.sshCommand=ssh -i id_ed25519 -o UserKnownHostsFile=known_hosts" -c -c;

you need to understand how ssh keys work with git clearly there is no password exchange, you need to set up the keys in your github

you also need to do some housekeeping before you can push like chmod files, setting your branch and adding a remote.


I suspect the unreachable message is because the ping operation is not permitted.

$ ping render.comping: socket: Operation not permitted

I’d be curious what you’re attempting to achieve with writing back to a repo from a service.

If you’re generating files that you want to persist, maybe look at a Render Disk, or an external store like AWS S3. A git repo is intended to be a source of truth for your code, not a data store.

Or, maybe consider a database.

However, if you still want to push back to you repo you’ll need to make the considerations the previous contributor mentioned.


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