No Automatic Restart of Web Service on Exception

I am currently hosting a FastAPI application as a Web Service on Render. I have recently redeployed it on a new service, and noticed that the application no longer restarts on exception. Has something changed, or must I set a certain setting? How can get my server to restart on exception?

Exceptions can happen at any time, not all exceptions are critical. The specific exception detail is important here. If your code hasn’t changed, it’s possible that your package dependencies have and now handle the exception differently.

Render restarts a service either (1) if it exists, or (2) if you request a restart via the Render Dashboard. The exception itself is not the important detail, a process exit is.

(Render can also restart a service due to things like host failures, other infrastructure upgrade or other events, but those are uncommon and infrequent. Day-to-day the aforementioned two cases as well as restarting for a deployment, are the primary reasons.)