Newbie: can lay person run a node?

I love the render vision & wonder if I could run a node - having no coding experience.
Is there how-to info on this? what size hard drive needed, etc.
Many thanks in advance

Hi, what do you want your node to do?
I just joined up and got a small nodejs code working in seconds (with a front end html and a back end server.js)
I’m impressed so far.
When you ask what size hard drive is needed what exactly do you mean? If you store your code on github then deploy here you’re not using any local storage on your own device.
If you’re asking how much diskspace required on your machine to develop an app, then you may mean installing an IDE (such as VScode), but thats not a huge amount in the scale of things.
So it really depends what you want your code to do. A layperson would need some javascript experience to code it, unless you ask Chatgpt to code it!
And again depends what sort of project you want. If you can explain your objective I might be able to start you off in the right direction

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