Hi, i keep getting error module not found

This module exist, i have check carefully by re importung. Once i re import update gig tag i get error create gig tag not found, immediate i fix that, it goes down to create rush order not found. After fixing that it goes back to. Create gigTag input not found. It mak

e me to keep going in circles.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Let’s start with some things to double check:

  • Ensure you’re defining your Node versions the same as your development environment.
  • Ensure your package manager lock file is present, up-to-date locally, and committed to your repo.
  • Check your Services Build Command is doing what you need to setup your project, e.g. npm install; npm build
  • Check your Services Start Command is what you expect, e.g. npm start

Hope that helps


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