Gracefully stopping for now reason

I’ve configured my Rails service for autoscaling, with a min of 1 and a max of 3 instances. For some reason, the only one running instance went done, autoscaling did nothing.
The only thing I found in the log was the usual traffic stuff and then “Gracefully stopping” as if someone had just shut down the instance.
I’ve now disabled autoscaling and configured two running instances.

Any ideas on that?

Hi @Thomas_Statter, my apologies for the late response. Typically that type of log will appear when your app receives a SIGTERM due to a pod shutting down on our end which should be very infrequent. I don’t believe that this is related to Autoscaling (your app should never scale down to 0 instances). If you see that your app rarely scales up to 3 instances then manually scaling it may be a better option. In the meantime you can enable Autoscaling again and I’d be happy to look into it more if it starts behaving oddly again.

Hi @tyler, I wanted to autoscale from 1-3 instances. As mentioned I switched to manual scaling using 2 instances. Recently we had an outage of 5 mins anyhow. How is it possible, that the number of instances goes down to 0?