Discord Bot doesn't start (web app)

I’m trying to host a website on a web service node.js instance. I run my server with express and my server needs to access an instance of my discord.js bot. All good the server starts and I can visit the page, but the bot never turns on so I can’t access any of the pages that require a connection to the bot. The token is correct and the bot.login(TOKEN) doesn’t return an error, nor does it get called.
I have a website that uses an instance of my discord bot to handle request and to work with that information so I cannot just stop using the bot, I need it to turn on to be able to make everything work. I couple of weeks ago it seemed to be fine, but now I don’t know what happened, but the bot doesn’t start anymore.

Hi, I’m having the same issue!

I was about to start a new thread but saw that someone else (you) has also faced this issue.

Yesterday I deployed an app and got 11 hours of timeout from Cloudflare.
The error was on calling https://discord.com/api/v10/applications/... and it gets 429 Too Many Requests every single time.
I’ve waited to cool down, made a new deploy, and got 19h of timeout (given in seconds by the retry-after header).

So, this is not a code issue, it’s about using Render instances. Maybe the IPs are black-flagged or something else…

Could anyone shed some light on this?

You’re absolutely right - we were looking into this yesterday and because traffic from Render leaves our network via a group of IPs which are shared across all customers, the rate limits as Discord detail at https://discord.com/developers/docs/topics/rate-limits get applied.

So whilst you may not be rate limited yourself, the invalid rate request limit (as detailed at the very bottom of that link) applies so any request from our IPs gets a 429 response.

We’ve been discussing options but don’t have any thing immediate to share I’m afraid.

John B

Thank you for your fast answer @John_B .
I would like to get an update on this if possible since this thread will close after a month and this may take several months to fix and release :slight_smile:

Other than this, Render is becoming my platform of choice for personal projects :call_me_hand:

Yep, I also made a similar post, not with the discord API but discord webhooks. Which are technically just a post request so it might be the same issue.

Is there any update on this? Has this been fixed yet or not?

No update I’m afraid - We’ve reached out to Discord but no response as yet.

John B