Deployment fails after being "In Progress" for too long

I am trying to deploy an instance of Gerapy (the Scrapy crawler management framework) with “gerapy runserver” as the start command.
I mean to use it as a way to occasionally deploy some Scrapy spiders and run crawling jobs.

When deploying, logs indicate that everything went as expected, and that the development server is running (those are Gerapy-generated logs). After some time, the deployment eventually gets flagged as “Failed”, and reaching the app through its URL renders a blank page only.

What am I missing? Is there a way to access more detailed logs to understand better?

Here are the last log messages :

Aug 13 04:58:18 PM  ==> Generating container image from build. This may take a few minutes...
Aug 13 05:00:24 PM  ==> Uploading build...
Aug 13 05:01:04 PM  ==> Build uploaded in 27s
Aug 13 05:01:05 PM  ==> Build successful 🎉
Aug 13 05:01:05 PM  ==> Deploying...
Aug 13 05:01:34 PM  ==> Starting service with 'gerapy runserver'
Aug 13 05:01:44 PM  Watching for file changes with StatReloader
Aug 13 05:01:49 PM  Performing system checks...
Aug 13 05:01:49 PM  
Aug 13 05:01:49 PM  System check identified no issues (0 silenced).
Aug 13 05:01:49 PM  INFO - 2022-08-13 23:01:49,606 - process: 53 - - gerapy.server.core.scheduler - 105 - scheduler - successfully synced task with jobs with force
Aug 13 05:01:50 PM  August 13, 2022 - 23:01:50
Aug 13 05:01:50 PM  Django version 2.2.28, using settings 'gerapy.server.server.settings'
Aug 13 05:01:50 PM  Starting development server at
Aug 13 05:01:50 PM  Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

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