Couldn't find the node_modules state file

Getting this error…

==> Running build command ‘yarn build’…
Usage Error: Couldn’t find the node_modules state file - running an install might help (findPackageLocation)

Ok, above issue is solved

Error: Required package missing from disk. If you keep your packages inside your repository then restarting the Node process may be enough. Otherwise, try to run an install first.
May 11 07:42:23 PM  
May 11 07:42:23 PM  Missing package: react-scripts@virtual:658502eb4296e93abedc18b6aa9b26978f434f08d98e21ebb0e725354b8bb54b62db9c4a1893e460c694ff7500ff5cbafa4457b0dfd26b5838868666c861e990#npm:5.0.1

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