Connecting to a PlanetScale DB using the Render Ghost Template

Hello all,

I am attempting to connect a Planetscale DB to a deploy Ghost template in Render. I am using the Render Ghost Template on Github.

I don’t know for sure if this would be the correct forum for this question. I will place this under Render Examples since that is the first step in my process. This may have to be directed toward PlanetScale, but I can’t get a successful deployment. I have followed instructions from both Render and PlanetScale. More than likely this is on my end setting the incorrect environment variables to connect to the DB on build.

I followed deploy ghost then entered the Environment Variables according to my PlanetScale DB connect settings using ‘General’ from the dropdown. I also followed connect to any application and instead of Environment Variables I used Secret File and added the SSL variable.

The errors I receive on build are “Connection refused on”, “Error: unable to get local issuer certificate”, and the client must use SSL to connect to the database. I use a local MySQL install using Homebrew. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it though since I am connecting to a cloud database. SSL is configured correctly on MySQL install on my local machine.

I understand that Ghost’s SSL config instructions state to add my local truncated CA certificate in the Environment Variables. That didn’t work either I used both the Secret File and Environment Variables interchangeably attempting deployments with each. Nothing worked.

Not sure how I am going about this the wrong way. Please any help would be appreciated!

The fact that you’re seeing:

Connection refused on

strongly suggests that the database configuration isn’t being used.

It’s worth noting that secret files are not loaded into the environment, you have to read the file itself so that could be the cause of the issue here.