Chmod a+x (but for Windows)

I am stuck on one step in following ‘Deploy a Django App on Render’ (Deploy a Django App on Render – Render Docs)

I just created a build script,

Then, i’m instructed to ‘Make sure the script is executable before adding it to version control:’, by typing the following in the Shell:

chmod a+x

I believe this is a Unix command. What should I do for Windows?

I will try to use git bash or Windows subsystem for Unix in the morning (either way, I think I should be able to enter this Unix command) and report back if that works.

I tried git bash, but got an error saying that the module fcntl was needed. I believe this requires Unix. So, I tried to install Windows subsystem for Unix and Ubuntu, but was unable to. When I try to run Ubuntu, it says ‘please enable the Virtual Machine Platform Windows feature and ensure virtualization is enabled in the BIOS’. I am not a Unix person and would really prefer to be able to deploy to Render using Windows.

Can someone please provide instructions for this part of the deployment process for Windows?

Again, I am going thru ‘Deploy a Django App on Render’ (Deploy a Django App on Render – Render Docs). I made a build script, I’m unable to complete the instructions in the section: ‘Create a Build Script’.

Is there a way to do this command in Windows? If not, I will work on getting Ubuntu on my PC.


This document outlines the steps for deploying Django on Render, not on a Windows machine. We don’t use Windows at all, only Linux. If you want to deploy Django or anything else on Windows, you’ll need to configure and figure that out on your own.

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