Changing Python Version in an Elixir Native Environment

TLDR: It seems that I can’t change the Python version via PYTHON_VERSION env var in an Elixir Native Environment. Ideas? Thanks!

Greetings renderers? renderererers? rendererererers! So, after searching far and wide, wide and far, …anyways.

I’m having trouble changing the Python version in an Elixir Native Environment.

I’m able to switch Elixir/Erlang versions properly with the ELIXIR_VERSION and ERLANG_VERSION environment variables, but PYTHON_VERSION doesn’t seem work. I’ve tried setting it to 3.8.2 per Specifying a Python Version | Render as well as 3.10.5 from reports that that works, albeit in a Python Native Environment.

I also found this feature request (I’m also using Elixir/Erlang + erlport + python scripts/libraries):

It now seems that python3-pip is included and I can use it via the pip3 command. Butt I’m unable to change the version via the env var. Running python3 --version in my deployment bash script prints this no matter what PYTHON_VERSION is set:

Python 3.7.3

Is this just not possible yet in the Elixir Native Environment? Is it time to use that thing with the big ocean fish? Am I doing something wrong? What is the meaning of…sorry, maybe too many questions.

Many of those thanks things in advance, renderererererererers!