Bug - Hello world node app fails (but works on DigitalOcean)

The following repo fails on the site without any sort of output indicating why the failure occurred.

I’ve gone ahead and narrowed the bug down to the simplest possible dockerfile. Why this fails is beyond me, since it actually starts running and prints out the ip’s that it’s serving at.

Here’s the repo you can use to verify the bug:

I give the render.com staff (and any 3rd party) full permission to look at any of the resources involved in this repo.

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Here’s a link to the deploy failure:

I created a service with the test repo successfully, both with a free and paid plan.

I also ran a manual deploy on your service, and it worked this time. Quite dissatisfying, but I wonder if you’re able to reproduce with a real-world Dockerfile?

WOW. The deploy was manually triggered (not by me!) and it now works!

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Let us know if you’re able to reproduce it in any form.

I will.