Browser terminal logs and shell stdout is "masked"

On Ubuntu 22.04 with Brave, Firefox, or LibreWolf, the shells and logs for my Web Service VMs are all masked when I view them in the browser. Attached is a screenshot. All extensions are disabled and I’m using a private window. They used to all work fine, this issue has only recently appeared (last 2 weeks, since about Aug 8, 2022). At least I don’t have to redact any sensitive information :wink:

Thanks for the report here, I’ve raised it as a bug here so we can get this resolved.

John B

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Thanks for flagging this @hobs, looks like you created some original art! :slight_smile:

My guess is there is a conflict with the font stack used for the log output and your system fonts. We use xterm.js for displaying logs.

The font stack configured is “Menlo, courier-new, courier, monospace”
Do you have any of these fonts or any variants like Powerline or Nerd font installed?

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You are right! I was able to change my default fonts in Brave and Gnome-Tweaks in Ubuntu to get it working on that browser. Still working on Firefox and LibreWolf, but at least I know where to start.


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