Awful page load times, small static site

just set up hosting for my very small website.

I get just awful page load times on google insights, I know some of it has to do with images, which I am working on, but there is also some Bunker JS that looks like it must be added by render.

is there any way to help this?

Hi Matt.

Your website is looking good! It is loading pretty quick for me - less than 1 second on average. I ran your site through Pingdom (, GTMetrix ( and Google PageSpeed Insights (PageSpeed Insights) a few times.

Everything looked pretty reasonable - right around .9-1.2 second per test. The heavy hitters were your images, javascript (Bootstrap, Google Tag Manager) and Google fonts.

Oddly, the thing that consistently took the longest to load (relative to its size) was the Google Tag Manager script. Assuming you are serving that on purpose (using Google Marketing), so not much you can do there. You are also serving an empty style.css file that you could remove (if you aren’t going to do any custom CSS).

I’m not seeing any reference to Bunker JS loading from the client side. There is popper.min.js, which is used by Bootstrap.

What kind of load times are you seeing?

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