Authenticating PR Previews

Hey Alex,

I might be able to help with this. How are you currently authenticating PR previews?

Im not unfortunately - we use auth0 to do authentication on the main site, but this is subdomain specific - PR Previews have their own subdomains so makes it hard to use any standard authentication package.

How do you turn off PR previews btw? Its causing me some issues.

I see. I have not used auth0 myself. Can you share the process for adding a subdomain so I can get a better understanding of how it might fit in the PR preview flow? A link to a doc would work as well. I wasn’t able to find a relevant one with a cursory search.

You should be able to disable PR preview from the settings tab of your service.

So in the picture are the fields that you need to fill out. Some of which can handle wild cards, but other’s cannot.
Its a bit like google oAuth or something where you need to specify the domain the request is coming from and the callback url. If the URL is ever changing (between PR previews) its hard to have authentication working on the PR preview